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/Nom Lodge Safaris in Namibia

Nom Lodge

Welcome to Raw Nature

/Nom Lodge Safairs in Namibia is the perfect place to do nothing but admire the wonders of nature. The /Nom lodge is perched on top of granite hills, with a 180-degree view of the majestic valley below. It is utterly remote and  in a wilderness world of its own. We offer luxury accommodation to never more than 6 guests at a time. Because of the serene environment, simply being at the lodge provides for an incredible safari in its own. The stay is perfect for relaxing and recharging and enjoying the spoils that Namibia shares so abundantly.

/Nom Safaris also offer Adventure & Romance


We find delight in sharing Namibia with you!

There are a variety of guided tours through Namibia to choose from, varying in length and scenery. Custom make any tour you wish: Etosha National Park, or any direction of Namibia that calls your name. Your wish is our command!


Romance is precious enough to be taken seriously! 

We understand that the key elements of being on honeymoon includes: privacy and exclusivity, luxury, comfort, relaxation, good food and incredible photography opportunities. Love inspires us to tick all these requirements!

We offer special adventures for engagements, so men, talk to us! 

Our Name: /Nom Lodge Safaris in Namibia

Our name “/Nom” is pronounced with a click of the tongue, and is the Damara name for a beautiful, distinct tree found in this part of Namibia. The /Nom tree has been our inspiration to incorporate nature and thus allows the architecture to breathe in response to the natural surroundings.

Nom Tree

There is an old folk story going around telling of ancient inhabitants that used crushed /Nom sticks to clean their teeth after which they could smile for each other and the world.  Therefore, /Nom means to smile! We can’t wait to make you smile!