The Stay at /Nom Lodge

We only have one rule - respect Earth

The Lodge is run completely off-grid, ensuring the minimal carbon footprint, with solar power, gas heated geysers and bore-hole water. The lodge is unique in that we never have more than two to six guests at a time.

The Rooms

/Nom Lodge offers exclusive, luxury accommodation, with en-suite bathrooms and private verandas. The showers are equipped with hot and cold water, and the rooms have 24 hour solar powered electricity. Crisp linen and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, await you in your suite. This is where the sun will awaken you by warming your toes and welcoming you with another splendid morning

Fill Your Day

For once – at /Nom Lodge – you are in charge of your own time: You can fill your day with exciting things to do or you can do absolutely nothing except relax by the plunge pool. Read a book or simply stare out into the vast openness. If the world there on the outside needs you (but only for a short moment), you are welcome to use the complimentary Wi-Fi at the Lodge reception area.

Nom Nom


Home-cooked meals and ice-cold beverages in the companionship of friends, is what life is all about! In the evening, we gather around the campfire to exchange daylight wonders for nighttime’s marvels. After dinner you are free to continue chatting around the campfire or tune in to nature at your own suite.

Breakfast is included in accommodation. Lunch and dinner is also offered if arranged early in advance.


/Nom Safaris offers half day, full day or 2-3 day excursions that can be combined with our overnight services. 
We also offer longer tours through Namibia.
For more information, follow the  /Tours  link to get a little more of heaven.