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Stay at /Nom Lodge home base and experience Namibia through full day, half day or longer excursions


Etosha National Park

/Nom Lodge and Safaris

One of the world’s greatest game reserves. A floodlit watering hole allows for exceptional animal sightings throughout the day and night. We are located 100 miles away making it ideal for a day tour, or an overnight adventure. 

Himba Tribe Tour

/Nom Safaris

Learn about the nomadic Himba tribe and their culture with an afternoon excursion. Their village is located near our lodge making it an easy, quick, half-day tour option.

Rock Engraving Tour

/Nom Safaris

Only a short drive from our lodge, we will take you to the Khoisan Engravings.

Cheetah Farm Tour

Nom Safari Lodge

Visit the nearby Cheetah Farm and get up close and personal with the world’s fastest land animal. During this tour, you will meet the rescued cheetahs and watch them get their afternoon feeding.


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