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We design the tour you want to fit your time schedule and needs. Below is a list of our favorite sports in Namibia. Feel free to check them out and then get back to us so we can start working on your dream holiday!

Skeleton Coast
/Nom Lodge and Safaris

The Skeleton Coast National Park itself is the world’s larges ship cemetery.

This tour’s length depends on all you want to see. We will drive you through the Namib Desert to the coast and a variety of excursions including Cape Cross, Pelican Point by boat cruise, Moon Landscape, a cape fur seal breeding colony, Hentiesbaai, and Walvis Bay. Activities include ATVing across the sand dunes, camel riding, and other adrenaline-pumping activities.

On this tour you will also get the chance to explore and stay in the little enchanting town of Swakopmund. Here you will enjoy unique German cuisine and architecture.

Saltwater Fishing is a big attraction, this can be done with the shore, or if booked well in advance, by boat.


Sussusvlei and Sesriem
/Nom Lodge and Safaris

Sossusvlei is possibly Namibia’s most spectacular and best-known attraction. The Dead Vlei itself is characterised by the largest dunes in the world, that surround it. Sossusvlei is a large, white, salt and clay pan. Sussusvlei provides photographic enthusiasts with wonderful images in the beautiful morning and evening light.

Sossusvlei literally translates to “dead-end marsh”, as it is the place where the dunes come together preventing the Tsauchab River to flow any further, some 60km east of the Atlantic Ocean.  However, due to the dry conditions in the Namib Desert the River seldom flows this far and the pan remains bone-dry most years.

Sossusvlei and the Skeleton Coast is ideally located that – if you have enough time – you can explore both places on the same visit.


Epupa Falls, Kaokoland and Himba Tribes
/Nom Lodge and SafarisExplore the falls, connect with the arid land and learn about the people who calls this place their home.
Epupa Falls is a series of waterfalls over 1.5km, providing for a lot of plunge pools to swim in.
A lot of unique wildlife is found in this vast piece of land.


The Caprivi/Zambezi Region
/Nom Lodge and Safaris

This region is a big contrast to the rest of Namibia!
Surrounded by swampland and rivers, the Caprivi region must be on anyone’s bucket list!
Explore this lush land, and get a chance to meet hippos, elephants and much more!
Freshwater Fishing is a very big attraction (catch and release of course)! Tigerfish, Bream and Catfish found in abundance.

Choose from our exciting ready made tours, designed to see the best of Namibia.

These tours are designed to incorporate the best of Namibia! We are able to adapt our tours to fit your needs, so if you are wondering if we can help you, please feel free to contact us!


14 Days Through Namibia
– Windhoek
– Sussusvlei
– Walfish Bay
– Swakopmund
– Etosha
– Caprivi/Zambezi Strip


12 Days through Northern Namibia
– Etosha
– Okavango River region
– Kwando River region
– Chobe River Region



12 Days through Southern Namibia
– Windhoek
– Sesriem
– Sussusvlei
– Swakopmund
– Namib Desert

Stay at /Nom Lodge home base and experience Namibia through full day, half day or longer excursions


Etosha National Park

/Nom Lodge and Safaris

One of the world’s greatest game reserves. A floodlit watering hole allows for exceptional animal sightings throughout the day and night. We are located 100 miles away making it ideal for a day tour, or an overnight adventure.

Himba Tribe Tour

/Nom Safaris

Learn about the nomadic Himba tribe and their culture with an afternoon excursion. Their village is located near our lodge making it an easy, quick half day tour option.

Rock Engraving Tour

/Nom Safaris

Only a short drive from our lodge, we will take you to the Khoisan Engravings.


Cheetah Farm Tour

Visit the nearby Cheetah Farm and get up close and personal with the world’s fastest land animal. During this tour, you will meet the rescued cheetahs and watch them get their afternoon feeding.

/Nom Lodge and Safaris

We would love to make your dreams come true with a tailor-made adventure. All tours include accommodation, a guide, vehicle, and most meals. /Nom safaris caters completely to your taste, budget, and duration of stay. We are proud to say that every safari is a unique adventure. Consequently, we do not offer any online bookings of safari packages but rather encourage you to contact us directly.